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Duncan Wong - Yogic Arts - Awakening Level 2CD

Duncan Wong's Yogic Arts – Awakening Level is an interesting combination of styles that should intrigue and perhaps even enlighten many users. A lot of yoga and other exercise videos make lofty claims about what they'll do for you, and this is no exception. Boasting that it offers "the power to transform you," Wong's routine, which he variously describes as "a synthesis of yoga, martial arts, and massage" and "an alchemy of science, spirit, and art," may fall a little short of that promise; nevertheless, Wong is certainly on the money when he notes that "breath is the key," and the "Prana Prep" first step focuses on the importance of pranayama, including kapalabhati (the "breath of fire") and ujjayi. Yet while Wong's directions are clear and precise, these are two reasonably advanced breathing techniques that no beginner can be expected to master without considerable repetition and perhaps more detailed instructions than are provided here; in general, newcomers should consider checking out all of these routines at least once before actually doing them. Elsewhere, the video's "Energy Practice" and "Gluteal Ground Work" sections incorporate a number of movements (kicks, thrusts, etc.) that will be familiar to martial arts practitioners, while other chapters contain many common yoga asanas, including downward- and upward-facing dog, warrior I and II (again incorporating some martial arts arm movements), hip openers, forward and backbends, lunges, stretches, extensions, and twists. Wong also includes sequences focusing primarily on the wrists and shoulders; he also spends a good deal of time stretching and flexing the toes and tops of the feet, two areas that don't get a lot of attention in most yoga workouts. Challenging but not especially rigorous, the DVD includes two 30-minute workouts drawn from elements of the hour-long main program. --Sam Graham
Product Description
Celebrities train with him and take him on tour. Now you can experience Duncan Wong’s exhilarating mind-body workout no matter what your fitness level. Yogic Arts™ blends science, spirit, and art—celebrating tenets of the ancient systems of Korean Buddhist Gung Fu, Ashtanga yoga, and Thai bodywork. Yogic Arts™ is high-intensity, flow-based yoga that focuses on core conditioning. It is yoga at its most athletic and artistic, with the power to transform you.
Born and raised in northern California, Duncan Wong is a martial arts champion and talented massage therapist known as one of the world’s best yoga teachers. His instructional style emphasizes precise body alignment and energetic flow.
This beginner to intermediate practice includes wrist and shoulder sections, warrior salutations, and hip openers. You can do the full practice, choose from one of two shorter preset sequences, or choose individual segments from the menu. Dramatically filmed in high-definition black and white, this stimulating workout is a feast for the imagination as well. Let it awaken your strong and powerful warrior spirit.
* Program options: Hour-long full workout, two half-hour workouts, or segment selection
* Audio options: Instruction and music or music only
* Gung Fu demonstration
* Mudras explained
* Bandha explained
* Downward Scorpion adjustment
Длительность121 минут
АктерыDuncan Wong
Кол-во дисков  2
Форматmpeg4 DVDRip
УпаковкаBox с цветной полиграфией

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