Automatic Motoprio Systems

Automatic vehicle tracking is known as Automotive Telematics (ATS). A system that uses global positioning systems (GPS) and wireless network to remotely control and monitor vehicle performance. There are many advantages to using Automotive Telematics. These advantages include saving on cost with better fleet management, monitoring of vehicles in real time for fleet efficiency, improved productivity, reduction of insurance costs, reduction in operation costs and more.

One of the major benefits of using ATMs is that they help in fleet maintenance, which in turn improves efficiency. By reducing the number of late night or early morning calls made by an operator to a technician for a check or repair of a vehicle, it also improves customer relations. This saves time and money for the fleet manager by enabling the technician to do his job more efficiently thus reducing costs. The solution is also of great value to retailers since it reduces the costs associated with the tracking and diagnostics process as well as the role of an administrator.

A fully automated system is a set of hardware and software that together monitor and control a vehicle’s movement. The process is fully automated which enables all the necessary information to be transmitted. The transmitted information includes location, speed, direction and acceleration. The GPS component in Automotif uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to locate a vehicle. This technology allows a vehicle to be located at the touch of a button.

The GPS component of the Automotif system is very sensitive and can only tolerate a few hundred feet of separation from another vehicle. The system can also only tolerate a maximum speed of zero degrees Celsius and requires a signal to be in line with the receiver to work. The system can also be configured to use different protocols depending on the area where the signal is located. Most areas have signals from at least three channels, while some areas only have two channels. The latest version of the system can also be configured to work with voice recognition.

Automatic Motoprio Automatic Tracking System uses the same technology used by the industry leader in vehicle tracking systems, i Navigation. I Navigation makes use of a constellation of low-earth orbiting satellites to locate vehicles. The I Navigation system transmits coordinates to the Automotif receiver. The Automotif system receives data from the I Navigation system and stores it digitally. This data is then processed through the company’s real time server.

The data stored in the server can be accessed via the Internet using the Automotif client software and the Internet itself. The server also stores updated records for any alterations that may be required. All records are stored on servers that are protected by password security. This type of system is suitable for business owners who need to access the information at any point of time and for personal users who need access to the information on demand. This option is also available for fleet management purposes, government departments, rental services and many other purposes. There is a low monthly fee and no contracts required.