Automotive PCBA Design Guidelines

Automotive aftermarket accessories are commonly termed as AUTOMOTIF. Basically, it is the industry term used to specify the accessory plug and play components. It includes the plug, the cartridge, the wiring harness and the logic gates. All these components are manufactured and developed by companies such as Circuit Master, Belmont Cartridge Co., Pentek, Brakeman, Buck Fox and others. Their products are widely available in the market leading to a competitive edge for automotive aftermarket accessory manufacturers.

The main function of the plug and play cartridges produced by the companies mentioned above are to convert an ordinary 12V AC power supply into a DC signal that can be used directly or indirectly by the plug and play products. The companies adhere to the highest printed circuit board manufacturing standards and quality assurance processes to produce high-quality and durable electronics and accessories. To make sure that their product meets all automotive aftermarket accessory specification, they employ only the best electrical engineers from top brands such as circuit master, circuit box, brakeman, buck Fox, etc.

With a high degree of technology and innovation, the production process and precision are being improved at a faster pace. There has been a drastic change in the concept of assembling by hand. This has resulted in reduction in labor cost and overall improvement in the performance and output of the products. There has also been an increase in the number of companies that are joining the ranks of manufacturers of printed circuit board (PCB) Automotive aftermarket accessories and other plug and play devices.

As per an estimate, there is approximately $2.5 billion worth investment involved in the automotive industry in the form of product development, packaging, design, production, installation and finalization. The printed circuit boards manufactured by companies like AUTOMOTIF have proved to be beneficial to both the customers and the manufacturers of the automobile industry. The manufacturers of automobiles are now able to incorporate the electronic features that are required in the final production of the cars. This has helped them to provide customized and innovative solutions to customers who require these printed circuit boards.

For companies that require printed circuit boards, it becomes imperative for them to select a company that offers assistance in assembling, design and testing of the product. This helps them to have a thorough knowledge about the components and the electronic features of the final product. A company that provides services like these is also capable of providing advice and suggestions that would help them in deciding the manufacturing strategy.

A company like AUTOMOTIF enables the users to get the exact specifications that they need for their electronic products. All these specifications are obtained from a wide variety of sources and this makes it difficult for manufacturers to acquire the information in a timely manner. With the help of a manufacturer that provides the services of assembling and designing of the boards, users can acquire the information they require very easily. This is because the information provided by the company will include not only the physical factors but also the technical ones.