Current Events – Both Radio and TV Are Blowing the News


Current Events – Both Radio and TV Are Blowing the News

News can be described in different ways, for many people the meaning of all news is the current affairs. From these definitions everything can be known about the meaning of news. Let us see what those are. Generally, objective means the reporting of the facts same as they happened. It goes against subjective nature if the reporter puts something in his own mind.

Subjective nature of news makes it personal to some degree and human interest in some other degree. There are different types of journalism such as police, entertainment, natural and political. Police journalism covers the events in the legal arena while entertainment journalism deals with the events and people in general.

The subjectiveness and subjective nature of this also makes it more difficult for many people to accept a news story. Some newspapers, for instance, may not accept the latest earthquake in California as a news story because of its local topic. But, you can find some other places in the world that accept earthquake as a news story of the day without any hesitation. Such a situation occurs when a disaster or accident takes place somewhere in the world and the media comes forward to make news of it. You can also find the media playing a big role in the country. As there are many channels and different news channels which make news, you may find many people ignoring the updates in the country where the incident took place but this situation is temporary.

But, the problem does not exist in newspaper and television news because online medium also has some unique qualities of reporting news stories. Many online sites do not accept any kind of global headlines as news stories and give only local or regional headlines. But, if you look closely you will find that the online media also makes news of some unusual topics.

The first news story which makes news is not really a surprise. Any political party who wants to win an election can announce some development in their policy. Vox Media, for example, has made news by reporting that Barack Obama had signed an executive order while he was in India. It seems that the first thing which came into the mind of Obama when he was here was about the signing of the executive order on renewable sources of energy. So, this move by Obama has definitely surprised many people.

There is no doubt that both radio and television news are able to bring forth good news all through the day. However, the real challenge that arises is whether the latest news is of use to many people or not. In case of both radio and television, the people can get good news from both of them but for those who cannot afford to pay for the news, they will have to depend on the internet. So, it seems that you need to take part in current events to enjoy good news all through the day.