The Technology Behind the Live Casino

Live Casino is a game that gives players the chance to interact with a real-time dealer in a casino. This experience is more realistic and more immersive than video slots or table games, and it’s a growing trend in the online casino industry.

The Technology Behind the Live Casino

In order to make a live casino, a lot of equipment is needed. These include a high-quality camera, an Internet connection, and a reliable gaming platform. The cameras are used to stream the live game to players and enable them to chat with the dealer. In addition, there are many other components that make a live casino possible.

The Dealer

A live dealer is the person who hosts a roulette, poker, or blackjack game. They deal cards, spin the wheel, and answer questions from players. They use a chat function to communicate with players and solve their problems as quickly as possible.

They are also responsible for ensuring that their gaming operations mirror the same as a brick and mortar establishment. They are trained by professionals and must be able to handle a variety of different situations.

Their cameras are also designed to resemble a roulette wheel and the playing table, which helps players get a feel for the actual experience. These dealers are also required to have a monitor that tracks their actions and alerts them if they need to make any changes to the way they are playing.

The dealers themselves are crucial for the success of a live casino. They are trained by professional dealers and they need to be able to handle a variety of situations.

They also need to be able to recognize specific card faces. This is done through a process called optical character recognition (OCR). It’s the same sort of tech that car parks use to recognise number plates from cars entering and leaving.

A central piece of technology is a Game Control Unit (GCU). Every table has its own GCU, which is like a shoe box, and without which, the live casino just would not be possible.

The GCU keeps track of the dealer’s actions and makes sure that they are following all rules and regulations. This is vital to a live casino because it ensures that players are safe and secure while playing.

Several cameras are needed to produce a high-quality live stream, which is transmitted through the Internet to players’ computers. The camera at the dealer’s table, the one in front of the wheel, and a separate camera for what’s called a picture in picture display are all necessary for the best live streaming experience.

These cameras are also essential for delivering high-quality video, audio, and graphics to players’ devices. These games have been made available on a wide range of mobile and tablet platforms, so you can play at home or on the go.

The minimum bets for live casino games are typically higher than for slot machines or regular online casinos. This is because they require a lot of processing power and bandwidth.