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Trending Current Events

News (n.) The reporting of news events that have already been reported and observed. Also known as news Reporting. Broadly, it refers to the writing, broadcasting, or reporting of news. As an expression, news can be used in a wide range of contexts, such as: in a newspaper, on television, or in a viral video.

There are six major types of news organizations. These are: traditional media (te television stations, radio stations, and local news publications); digital/networks (such as the Internet’s world-wide-web, TV networks, and local news publications); sports channels; local television; television network affiliates; evening news; and alternative media (newspapers, websites, and digital audio streams). Within each major category, there are hundreds of smaller outlets. These outlets often compete with one another for distribution space and revenue, resulting in a variety of overlapping coverage patterns and focus.

All news outlets, regardless of format, operate through a unique system of reporting and syndication. This process typically involves the distribution of news items to specific target audiences through different channels (or outlets) designated by the outlet. In most cases, the target audience is the broader regional base identified by the local newspaper. However, some news outlets operate more independently and in an informal manner, targeting any audience that will listen to the programming. In this case, the audience typically does not comprise the targeted reader pool of the paper, but rather a subset of the target audience defined by the editor.

Unlike news reports on the nationally-known scale, news stories are not usually accompanied by graphics or other visual content. Rather than presenting text, the anchor usually opens a new tab or window and enters a story summary or lead, followed by the full story as listed in the story outline. Many outlets now provide online capability so that readers can get the full story without having to wait for the story to be broadcast live on television.

As part of the new media landscape, there has been a parallel growth in a new form of business communication: Original reporting. The news has evolved into a form of entertainment and reporting that reaches a much broader base of readership than the newspaper and broadcast media. While the audience for newsprint and broadcast has declined over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in online reading. Many outlets now publish news items as blog posts or transcriptions, making the news more accessible in a broader way to those who may not otherwise have known it existed. News reporters now often rely on blogs and podcasts to supplement their career.

While many news outlets continue to focus on the delivery of news and information, there has been a parallel growth of opinions in another form as well. Blogs and podcasts that offer commentaries or recaps of events cover a much wider base than the traditionally published news notes. Some of these outlets are becoming as popular as traditional news sources, while others remain niche and attract a smaller audience. As with news, another trend in the new media landscape is the moving toward original reporting, which now includes both blogs and new media efforts.