What Is News?

Examples of News are everywhere. An everyday example of news can be a husband announcing his impending wedding to a close friend. An everyday example of news can also be a newspaper reporting that the latest international terrorist attack happened in London. Another example of news can be the New York Times publishing the latest international stock market report.

Many people assume that the only examples of news are what they see in the newspapers and on TV. This is not true. There are many types of news that are distributed to the public on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some are news that has become part of the public dialogue such as world events that have been reported by the media such as the Gulf War, political intrigue, and even natural disasters.

News is not the same for everyone. Some would consider it a subset of entertainment. Others would view news as an extension of popular culture. Still, most would define news as the news that informs you what is going on in the world around you and informs your decision making. If you decide to go with the entertainment category then movies, plays and television can be considered examples of news. Anything else that you read or hear in the public media is an example of news.

Everyone has a certain degree of knowledge about certain topics. The public’s only knowledge of current news would be what they have learned from the media. For example, if a person wants to know the latest development in politics they will turn to the nightly news and listen to the updates as they happen. While this may be the case with some they would not be able to tell which politicians were involved in the discussions they were listening to. But if they followed the political pundits on television the public would be able to get a handle on the discussions.

Other types of news are not as easily defined as a daily newspaper or a political pundits. News can include information about things that happen off the beaten path. This could be a book review of a new book by a book critic or celebrity gossip. News can also refer to breaking news that is reported by several media outlets. A perfect example would be the terror attacks in Paris that took place just a few months ago.

In order to keep yourself informed, you need to keep up with all the different forms of news. While you may only need one or two major news sources such as newspapers and television, you should make sure that you are regularly checking other media. By regularly checking other sources you will develop your ability to detect and report on new information that becomes a part of the news. This in turn helps you stay up to date with the most important topics. Keeping up with the news helps you to remain educated in order to make better decisions for your life.