Why PR News releases Are Important To Your Business

News reports are one of the most powerful communication tools available. They are an incredibly affordable and accessible way to connect and inform communities. Reporting on local news is especially valuable because of the role it plays in community development. Whether its community building, environmental initiatives, community awareness or just someone’s personal interest, regularly reporting on local news is important.

Importance of local news It allows a community to participate in deliberative decision making processes through a localized news story. For instance if a small town reports on a crime hotspot or traffic accident reporting on them can later be used as evidence in a civil case to lobby for funds to repair a problem. Perhaps a small town police department would benefit from knowing that there are a high percentage of break ins or robberies at night, a news report could provide that information. Reporting on unusual occurrences in the region helps the community to assess what is normal and what is an emergency situation. It informs the citizens about current events that may impact their everyday life.

4 Aug. 2021 – Article Marketing In order to use the power of headlines and news stories to promote your business you need to have an effective article marketing plan. Use the title and headline as the lead item in your sales letter, make sure it stands out and gets the attention it deserves. Follow this with interesting content that will engage and convince your reader. Always provide additional information after reading the story and this can include a byline, a link to your website and/or a graphic of the article. Article marketing is a powerful way to promote your company.

4 Aug. 2021 – The Whitewash Factor Since PR needs to evolve with the changing trends in the market, the traditional format of a news release has been changed to the News Release News Letter. News releases have been around for over one hundred years. They have been used primarily for news stories that were breaking and international news. In July of 2021 the United Kingdom introduced a new law that makes it easier for consumers to sue companies that whitewash products. News releases with this new format will be easier to understand and distribute.

4 Aug. 2021 – The Gilgamesh Effect The term Gilgamesh was the ancient Persian poet who described people getting things they do not desire. This became something of a motto for the advertising industry. Many corporations find that by whitewashing or recycling they can use the Gilgamesh Effect in their promotions.

This PR campaign from Gilgamesh was later named after him and his story was made into a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Gilgamesh the king of Ulysses. You might think it’s a good idea to whitewash your brand after the negative publicity that colossussive products received in the past. Or perhaps you’d prefer to be one of the few to celebrate the positive PR that was received after a recall. Either way, let’s hope the Gilgamesh Effect spreads its positive energy across the advertising landscape.